Route and tour to Girona

Route and tour, together

Tour Girona

425 €2 people

4 total hours of route, with stops at emblematic points

1’5 hours of tour

1 Vehicle to choose: large (Citroen DS, Citroen 15, Dodge 3700 or Mercedes Benz 280) or small (WV Beetle, WV Golf, Seat 600 or Mini Traveller)

1 chauffeur

1 guide

Taking in the view of the houses hanging over the river Onyar, strolling through the Jewish Quarter, visiting the Cathedral with the largest nave in Europe… Girona is a city to discover over and over again, to enjoy its extraordinary beauty. At Rum-Rum, we suggest you tour the city on the wheels of an old car, like the Mercedes Benz coupé or the popular 60s Beetle. You will live a memorable experience that will give you the chance to see Girona from a different perspective. Before arriving at the city, our vintage car route will take you through the beautiful scenery of l’Empordanet, remembering bygone days.

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Ruta Tour Girona

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