Classic cars rental with compensation of carbon emissions for weddings, events and productions. Live an experience on wheels in Girona and the Empordà.

At Rum-rum we are committed to reducing the environmental impact on our planet. Therefore, once your reservation has been made, X% of it will be used for reforestation projects.


Choose your unforgettable experience

In addition to the rental of motorcycles and cars for weddings, audiovisual productions, cinema, photography, parties and other special events, in Rum-rum we have designed some routes to discover the territory, culture and gastronomy of Girona on a classic vehicle. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy it with your loved ones in a perfect day.

The use you make of old cars will be introduced to the Platform of compensation of emissions CeroCO2 with a proportional economic donation, also from here, to attenuate the impact of the climatic crisis.

Once we have closed the season, you will receive your certificate for contributing to make this world a more habitable place for all.

Designed and cared for you


Small details bring memories back; they make the things we care about unique. We know how important this day is for you, and we want to make it even more special. Perhaps you can see yourself arriving at your wedding in a classic car; it would be a memorable experience for everyone and would be sure to take the guests’ breath away. We’ll make it happen.

Our vintage cars in Girona and Barcelona will make your wedding day perfect. We’ll take care of every single thing and prepare the wedding car so that everything goes smoothly.

On the wedding day, a chauffeur dressed for the occasion will pick up the bride or groom at the specified place. They will then be driven to the location or building where the ceremony is going to be held. Afterwards, the wedding car will take the newly-weds to the photo shooting session, during which they will have the car at their disposal, so they can take as many photos as they want and record this unforgettable moment. Finally, the couple will be taken to the reception and the car will wait at the entrance of the building or property until all the guests are inside.


There should be more parties in our lives, and since they are so few and far between, don’t you think it’s a good idea to make them really special? After all, we don’t know when the next one will be. But how can you give your event, birthday, anniversary or farewell party a different touch to make it unforgettable?

We offer you our vintage cars in Barcelona and the other provinces in Catalonia to give you an experience that will transport you back into the past, which you’ll remember for years.

An old car from the 1920s, like the Citroën Torpedo, a 1969 Mercedes Benz coupé or a Dodge 3700 GT from 1973, etc. Which one would you like to use to surprise the attendees or guests of honour? Choose the car that best suits the theme of the celebration and if you would like us to prepare something else for the event so you can make a difference, please feel free to tell us what you need and we’ll start working to make it happen.


The sporty and British style of the MGB GT 75, the tiny pink SEAT 600 D that invites you to dream or the convertible Ford A to travel back in time to the 1930s. A vintage car is an indispensable element in those productions set in a very specific period. To cover this demand, we have a varied fleet of classic cars in Catalonia, of national and international makes, ranging from the 1920s to the 1980s. In addition, we can offer you vintage motorcycles for exhibition purposes, such as the Vespa 125 cc from 1954 or the legendary 1962 Montesa.

But hiring a classic car is also ideal for productions when the time factor is not important but you are seeking to give a specific personality to the image, to strengthen the message being transmitted.

Whether it is for a photographic or audio-visual production, we have the classic car you need to get the result that existed in your imagination.


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